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For more than 25 years Ideal Software Systems happens to be the’s leading pc software creator

For more than 25 years Ideal Software Systems happens to be the’s leading pc software creator

Let Me Know Considerably

With features which happen to be unmatched, Ideal will continue to supply high-end show. From unmarried store, localized techniques to full-blown house Office/Multi-Store networks, Ideal software items give unparalleled efficiency. With computer software composed from the ground up designed for the check/loan sector, Best goods are quick, steady and protected. The IDEAL option would be built to give the business proprietor regulation and versatility in how exactly to arranged and operate their business.

Exactly what it really does

Just the right Check Cashing & wage advance software is an effective remedy for operation. Full-featured efficiency and several extra segments make Best monetary Services goods unparalleled. With unequaled mobility, perfect goods be able to configure a simple solution that is excellent for your process.

What you get

  • One Monitor Processing
  • Online Teletrack Inquiries*
  • Rates Export Prepared
  • Payday Advance/Check Cashing Office At Home System*
  • Movie Capture*
  • Personnel Chosen Access Rights
  • Usage of Different Store Data*
  • On Screen Buyer & Check Records
  • Multi-user/Multi-drawer Capability*


This program component helps places that require numerous workstations. With this particular module you may operate the Payday Loan/Check Cashing plan in a a€?peer to peera€? environment or you might work in a a€?client-servera€? setup.

Video Clip Catch

This program module allows you to capture a photo of a customer with an internet webcam and store it a permanent an element of the consumer’s record. The image associated with the buyer is always noticeable when running just about any transaction. Allows quick graphic verification of an individual’s personality.

Always Check & Data Scanning

This software module enables the client’s check alongside needed documentation getting read in to the system as a permanent area of the deal. These materials is scanned during the exchange or after. Inspections are scanned with available Magtek check imagers or a mini MICR viewer (best captures MICR suggestions, no picture of check). Magtek equipment will browse and shop MICR information into system automatically, getting rid of possible errors. Records particularly buyer ID, wages stub, proof address, finalized agreement, etc. might be read in to the program by use of a TWAIN compliant flatbed scanner. Search picture can also be grabbed with flatbed scanner (no MICR information). You choose and arrange which kind of papers so when could record them. Captured images are also available getting viewed and published from Home company system.

Collector Workstation Plus

This program component was an upgrade to the base Collector that will be included in our Payday Loan/Check Cashing system. This allows this type of enhancements as power to designate collection profile to certain employees based on requirements which you select. You’ve got the capability to set graphic and sound notifications to tell people of arranged phone calls are produced. The device also keep track of the collection abilities of the team. When included in conjunction with Centralized series home company, the shop employees may function a bad personal debt item for a set duration immediately after which them could be moved and assigned to range personnel your own house workplace or outside range agencies.

State Database User Interface

This software component enables software with state sources. This eliminates the potential for personnel error while the need to enter mortgage ideas into two techniques. All purchases that need upgrading into condition databases are performed in realtime without additional activities required by their associates.

Installment Financing

This program module allows you to plan installment financial loans. This program will at this time handle Industrial or sort a€?Ba€? financing. These mortgage type call for add-on interest. The machine determines the number of financing considering parameters you build in program and idea registered from the user at the aim of deal. The device furthermore brings a payment schedule for the loan. A contract try immediately imprinted for every new installment financing transaction that can getting tailored. This may be utilized as an add-on component towards Payday Loan/Check Cashing system to permit both treatments getting managed regarding an individual earnings drawer.

ACH Screen

This software component permits the program of electronic drafts of visitors bank accounts to increase income. A merchant account with positive aspect installment programs is necessary with this module. Benefit was a 3rd party processor for ACH transactions. Using this component removes double entry of check data and removes the possibility https://titleloansusa.info/title-loans-va/ of problems. The program will communicate specifics of the digital debit of buyer’s bank account and any adverse facts was given after something happens to be presented such as NSF or accounts Closed updates. The computer will instantly update consumer data.

The usage ACH is actually a significant appliance in running any payday loan operation. From first deposit to collections activity, you certainly will accumulate even more debt, obvious past due accounts and reduce bank solution expenses. No payday loan provider should operate without it. For more information about Advantage installment Systems go to their site or name 1-888-718-6767.

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